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Where antique meets modern

An historic farmhouse, where the heart of tradition beats with an accent of modernity. In the salon where exposed bricks andbeams accent an impressive vaulted ceiling, is a date: 1890. Here, during breakfast, visitors can make mental leap in time, living fully the long history of Relais Casa

Sobrero, antique dwelling of Ugo Vignolo Lutati who made an important contribution to the classification of the vineyard map of the Barolo zone, where the viticultural terroir expresses its very best.
The Francesco Sobrero winery acquired the property in 2000 and brought to light the history and importance of a structure which has long played a significant role in the context of the Langhe. At the same time, the adjacent vineyard called Valentino was acquired whose nebbiolo grapes, along with those of the Pernanno and Piantà vineyards,

today give life to the Barolo Ciabot Tanasio.
Casa Sobrero: a Relais born to valorize the territory of Castiglione Falletto and to offer an uncompromising experience of high the standards of gastronomy and unique ambience that one can find just in this area just a few kilometers from Alba.
Besides the six rooms and apartment, visitors may relax in the spacious living room, sample wines in the tasting room, enjoy the view from the terrace, or relax in the garden sun-deck after a refreshing swim in the pool. — All completely immersed in

the Langhe landscape.
Casa Sobrero: where the ancient meets the modern for an unforgettable vacation!


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