Where the ancient meets the modern


A historic home , where the heart of tradition beats strongly in the sign of modernity.

In the room where the bricks and exposed beams draw "vaults" of great charm, there is a date: 1890 .

A leap in time that tourists, during breakfast, can do with their minds, fully experiencing the history of the Relais Casa Sobrero , the ancient home of UgoVignolo Lutati, who contributed to the classification of the additional geographical mentions that characterize the areas of Barolo where the terroir expresses itself at its best.

Cantina Francesco Sobrero bought the house in 2000 and brought to light all the history and importance of a house inserted in the context of the Langhe.

At the same time the crü Valentino was detected, whose grapes, together with those of the crü Pernanno and Piantà, give life to the Barolo Ciabot Tanasio.

Casa Sobrero, a Relais created to enhance the territory of Castiglione Falletto, for a tourism to be experienced, without compromise, in the name of food and wine and the unique environment that can be found a few kilometers from Alba.

In addition to the six bedrooms and the apartment, tourists can relax in the spacious internal relaxation room, taste wines in the wine shop, enjoy the view from the terrace, or relax in the garden-solarium, after a refreshing swim in the swimming pool. All rigorously immersed in the Langhe.

Casa Sobrero: where the ancient meets the modern for an unforgettable holiday!