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The Langhe, a territory to experience intensely. Great wines: Barolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, to name only a few. Excellent gastronomy: typical dishes such as Ravioli al Plin, Tajarin, Brasato al Barolo, and Bunet. Diamonds of the earth with unmatched flavors: white and black truffles, hazelnuts, Piedmontese beef, and cheeses.
Expanses of vineyards lost

in the hills on the horizon, the characteristic “tongues of earth” amidst which the Casa Sobrero is located, an ideal opportunity to fully savor this paradise at the foot of the medieval village of Castiglione Falletto, home to noble families such as the Falletti and Vassallo who occupied its imposing fortress.
From the hill of Castiglione Falletto it is easy to reach surrounding towns such as Alba, “Capital of the Langhe” and site of the International White Truffle Fair, or the villageof Barolo, where you can visit the WiMu, a museum dedicated to wine in the evocative setting of the Falletti castle.

If you like the view from Castiglione Falletto, you can go up to La Morra where the Belvedere allows you to see the mountains on the horizon, looking up to the Alta Langhe or over to Turin.
For hiking lovers there are numerous trails and roads dedicated to wine. The Relais Casa Sobrero offers bicycle rental for excursions in the Langhe, following the itineraries of “Strada del Barolo,” a touristic organization headquartered right in Castiglione Falletto.

The Langhe offers marvels: would be a shame not to experience them!

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